THE latest recipient of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is an “inspirational” woman who has not let cancer get in the way of her amazing charity fundraising efforts.

Diana Sullivan was nominated for the flowers by the owner of a Barrow cafe where she meets regularly for a Saturday group.

Lisa Clark, the co-owner of the Coffee Bean cafe in Dalton Road, praised her customer for her fundraising.

She said she put Diane forward for the honour for her phenomenal work fundraising for various charities.

Lisa also said Diane was a positive and inspiring role model for the community.

Despite cancer confining her to a hospital bed Diane still managed to raise £700 for Fitness February earlier this year.

She actively sold breast cancer badges, both to raise awareness and to fundraise for the charities.

Lisa said: “Diane is truly selfless, inspiring and uplifting.

“She is one of the most positive inspiring people you will ever meet.

“You only have to be in her presence to know she has a beautiful heart.

“Diane is full of life, bubbly, energetic and absolutely crackers.

“She is absolutely adores her family and never says a bad word about anyone.”

“Diane volunteers for numerous charities in the area and is said to be “always fundraising, bringing her positivity with her.”

Lisa added: “Diane refuses to let life slow her down.

“She loves to travel, experience life and make the most of every single day.

“Everyone says she’s such a laugh, bonkers and absolutely nutters and you can’t be around her without breaking a smile.”

Diana is a supporter of the Looking Good and Feeling Great group.

The group, which is made of woman battling cancer, holds fundraising events across Furness.

The group has raised thousands.

Lisa said simply of her valued customer: “Everyone needs a Diane.”

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