DURING Leo Sayer's hugely successful career, he's racked up 11 UK top ten and four US top ten hit singles; six UK top ten and one US top ten album; a Gold Badge of Merit; and a Grammy Award, in 1977, for You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, winning the award for best rhythm and blues song.

Leo has just released his new album, Selfie and is still performing in what is his sixth decade as a musician, bringing his Just a Boy at 70 show to The Forum at Barrow on Wednesday, June 5.

Although his first single from his 1973 debut album Silverbird was unsuccessful, the second single The Show Must Go On became a runaway hit: "Things happened very quickly after that," explains Leo. Subsequent releases such as You Make Me Feel Like Dancing and When I Need You, went gold and topped the charts.

Since the turn of the millennium Leo has released seven albums and by the sounds of it he's still going strong: “I don’t churn out anything, believe me, it’s hard work that takes a lot of soul searching.

"I love my job and put everything into it. I've just completed an entirely self-made album that’s taken me three years to create.

"I’m very driven, a bit of a perfectionist, always thinking my best work is still ahead of me. After 46 years of making records, and at the age of 70, that might sound crazy, but that’s how I am.”

Meanwhile, for those who fancy more than two hours of high voltage rock and roll go see ace outfit LiveWire.

Backed by a towering wall of Marshall amps, the six-man tribute to one of rock music's greatest bands, AC/DC, are playing the Barrow venue tomorrow night in a show acclaimed for its closeness in look and sound to the real thing.

Crackers such as Back in Black and Highway to Hell are all in the LiveWire set which keeps thundering along until cannons fire ceremoniously to bring the gig to a superb crescendo.

Another must-see music event coming up at The Forum on Saturday, June 8 is Sing-a-long-a The Greatest Showman. The special showing of the musical, which stars Hugh Jackman, features lyrics on the screen and a live host who will teach everyone a unique set of dance moves and show them how to use the interactive prop bags. Box office 01229-820000.