SHOCKING statistics reveal almost a quarter of the people who live in Barrow have some sort of disability.

That is 25 per cent of the local population who potentially need support of the Barrow and District Disability Association.

In the last year the BDDA has helped thousands of people living with a disability to navigate their way through the benefits system and unlock cash to make their lives easier.

With such a high stakes on offer its no wonder the charity's honourary chief executive Margaret Burrow is fight hard to expand the support on offer.

In today's Mail Margaret and her team of dedicated volunteers have unveiled their blueprint for the future.

Their vision is simple - help on tap for those who need it and to ensure every disabled person in the district knows they have a friendly place to turn to in their hour of need.

We must raise our hats to these extraordinary men and women fighting to improve the lives of those live alongside them.

Many give up their time for free to ensure everyone has a support network to turn to. Not only do they offer benefits and financial advice, they offer lessons in arts and crafts and a social place in the BDDA cafe where everyone can come along and find friendship. An extension of this service is great news and something we all must support.