A LUXURY Ulverston-based crystal brand is receiving international recognition after appearing in the trailer of a major upcoming film.

Cumbria Crystal in Ulverston has been spotlighted on the world stage in the trailer of the 2019 film, Downton Abbey.

The brand has been showcased extensively on the period drama series since it first aired in 2010.

CEO of Cumbria Crystal, Chris Blade, said the team were "really excited" to hear that the crystal would be displayed in the film trailer.

He said: "Our crystal has been used in the series since the beginning so we were really excited to hear the collection would be featured in the film too.

"It's a very elegant collection which shows off the luxurious lifestyle and classic beauty of traditional crystalware.

"I think it represents British heritage, craftsmanship and tradition.

"Inclusion and association with companies and ventures of this scale help the company improve its exports dramatically."

The crystal company is the last producer of completely hand-blown and hand-cut, lead, luxury English crystal in the United Kingdom.

As well as its starring role in Downton Abbey, Cumbria Crystal has also featured in the hit James Bond film, Casino Royale.

Mr Blade said: "The whiskey tumbler used by Daniel Craig is our most successful product so far.

"It's fantastic to see the company go from success to success."

Cumbria Crystal has also been recognised for its glassblowing experience which has seen 1,400 visitors since it was introduced last May.

The company has been shortlisted to the last three for the best tourism ‘experience’ in Cumbria.

Mr Blade said: "It's just absolutely wonderful to be recognised.

"We only introduced the experiences last year and we're very keen to get people engaged in tourism in Cumbria.

"Glassblowing is an unforgettable experience for people. I see it is as a moral duty to ensure people are educated about what is involved in this craft."