SO the people had their say and the majority of the UK's representatives in the EU Parliament don't actually want to be there.

Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, with no policies because they don't want to be there, was the big winner in the election that, depending on your Leave or Remain view, shouldn't have taken place, and he will head off to Brussels once again.

Of course, the newly-elected MEPs might only have a short stint - or they could be for the next five years.

Yes, there's confusion aplenty.

But one thing that is anything but confusing is the message sent to mainstream parties.

Labour and the Conservatives had results that even their spin doctors struggles to turn into a positive.

What the result shows them is that the electorate has largely lost faith with those employed by them in the Palace of Westminster.

The vote cocks a snoot at the Commons. And the MPs should be big enough to take note of the message that has been sent.

They work for us. They represent us.

Maybe the so-called major parties need to press the reset button and go back to basics - because if they don't, the next time we see the likes of Farage and his rosette, he could be celebrating Westminster success.