We asked whether you thought politics had become too unpleasant? Here's what you had to say...

Gary Tomlinson It has become unpleasant, but it was always going to be when the public were ignored by the biggest injustice in a democratic vote. A certain amount of Remainers are to blame because they can’t accept the result. The term cry babies come to mind. Had we have left when promised none of the unpleasantness would of happened!

Gail Bundy Gary Tomlinson That will be it. The Remainers made it unpleasant! Do you actually know what Nigel Farage stands for. What he will do to the NHS and his policies. He is no friend to the Trade Unions.

Keith Newton Gail Bundy How about we use Trident to turn Europe into glass then we won't have to wait around waiting for a deal. Launch codes for all, now there's democracy

John Lamb You can thank the progressive Marxist left for the labelling and slurs of their political opposition, just as the Marxist ideology dictates.

Holly Fisher I'm sorry, was there a time in political history when everyone was nice to each other? Holding hands round the campfire. People now are more bothered about politics and, thanks to social media, are able to voice their opinion a lot easier. On both sides. Political debate is a good, more people should talk about it.

Sally-Ann Hunter I feel like British politics has become just some big TV soap opera! People are sick of it. It needs sorting now because while all the Brexit talk is going on nothing else is actually getting done 😧

Susan Kenny I think judging by some of the posts on here it’s become very nasty. Some people more than others,and people who should probably know better.

June Eccles It,s getting dragged out, people are sick of it and have lost confidence in the lot, Nobody listens anymore, it,s become a joke !

Sean Peace Politics has always been disgusting

Lesley Ivinson No I just think the people in government have become greedy

Gloria-Rose McInerney Yes it has but the only problem there is, what can we say that's nice about this government.