THE latest recipient of The Mail’s Bouquet of the Week is the outgoing mayor of Barrow, who has been praised for his work in supporting a mental health charity.

Councillor Bill McEwan, who spent 2018/19 as the town’s mayor, has been nominated by Mind in Furness, one of his mayoral charities for the year.

Mind in Furness chairman Michael Cassells nominated Cllr McEwan and offered his thanks to the former mayor for helping the charity and raising awareness of mental health.

A number of Mind in Furness volunteers were present as he received the flowers.

Mr Cassells said: “Members, volunteers and staff of Mind in Furness have appreciated the enthusiastic support from Bill during his term as mayor.

“We are grateful to have been one his adopted charities but more importantly Bill has got people talking about mental health.”

He said he had benefitted from Cllr McEwan’s “kind encouragement” over his years as a trustee and campaigner.

A former councillor, he congratulated him on a successful years a mayor.

He said: “The mayors events included a Glitter Ball at Abbey House and Disco Night at Barrow Cricket Club.

“As well as his own fundraising Bill has tirelessly joined in other events that raise awareness and help with funding - the monthly mental health run in the park, all Kick Off 4 Mental Health events.

“By speaking about his own life experiences and bringing people together Bill has helped our charities raise awareness of the help available and how the community can support each other.

“This town is a friendlier place for people experiencing mental health problems thanks to Bill.

While mayor, Cllr McEwan also spoke to The Mail about his son’s suicide and encouraged people to come forward as part of the Time To Talk campaign.

Receiving the flowers, he said: “It’s an honour and a privilege to receive this.

“I want to say thank you to Mind.

“The work they do is absolutely fabulous and so important.”

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