Our guide to all the soap action

Kush Crush

EastEnders (BBC1)

Kush is so uncomfortable about being the object of Bex's affections, he even tells Martin about the teenager's crush on him. But before his mate can wade in with some fatherly advice, Bex lets herself into Kush's flat to spend some alone time with him, only for Kat to turn up as well. Realising that Kush is spoken for, the heartbroken Bex packs a bag and leaves the Square.

When Sonia turns up at the Slaters' to tell Martin that their daughter is missing, Kat advises them to speak to Kush about what's been going on, but Tina and Ted think there's someone else the worried parents should be talking to - Stuart.

Elsewhere, Dennis seeks revenge on the Taylor-Baker clan after Bailey owns up to hitting him (although she's really covering for Ollie). However, it's Louise who ends up bearing the brunt of her stepbrother's anger when Phil finds out.

Callum is behaving erratically, Ruby is jealous of Jay and Lola's bond, and Kathy announces her plan to turn The Albert into a gay bar.

Carla's Heartbreak

Coronation Street (ITV)

Carla is the central focus as her struggles with mental illness continue.

She's still suffering from paranoia, and overhearing her health care practitioner Scott discussing her case with Peter doesn't help. She also refuses to take her medication and becomes distressed and confused at the mention of the factory roof.

Friday's heartbreaking episodes are dominated by Carla's story as she goes missing, only to be found by Peter as she talks to loved ones she's lost.

The villain responsible for Rana's death is revealed, Nick and David tell Audrey the truth about her money and Gary is kidnapped by a murderous Rick.

But there is some light-heartedness when Sally, Jenny, Sinead and Yasmeen think they've purchased a stunning racehorse but they've been had - the nag looks more likely to be heading to the knacker's yard than the winner's enclosure.

Plus, Gail is starstruck when she thinks she's spotted Lorraine Kelly during the Platt family's holiday.

Mum's the Word

Emmerdale (ITV)

After losing Grace, Charity is understandably nervous ahead of her 20-week scan - so Paddy secretly cancels it.

Chas is furious when she finds out what he's done, but after a pep talk from Cain, they manage to have an honest conversation and head to the hospital for the re-arranged scan. Their baby is perfectly healthy and they share the good news with the Dingles - but the gender remains their little secret.

Elsewhere, Frank tries to help Megan raise the cash to pay her legal fees, although their plan to hold an event at Home Farm hits a stumbling block when Kim makes it clear she'd rather see Megan suffer. Graham offers to give her the money instead, presenting her with a blank cheque, but how is Megan going to explain that to Frank?

Harriet is conflicted when Dawn returns - and gets an even bigger shock when Will subsequently turns up to explain his daughter is in a bad way.

Kim asks Rhona to encourage Jamie to move into Home Farm, and Jai heads out on a date.

Ste Goes Too Far Right

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jack and Kyle are both shocked that Nancy is sticking by Laurie, unaware she's in league with Sienna to try to bring him down.

Sadly, there's no such rational explanation for Ste's behaviour, as he's furious that Sami is going to be representing Sinead, prompting Leah to tell him he's changed.

When he later confronts Sally about cancelling Leah's drama assessment for a Prevent assembly (which Ste believes is all for Imran's benefit), it seems the rest of the village can no longer ignore his attitude - or the posters he's been plastering around town.

So, Tony and Leela decide to find out more about Ste's new mates - which inspires Jonny and Stuart to tell him about their far-right affiliations before anyone else can.

Elsewhere, Mercedes gets back from holiday ready to help a fragile Grace, but Liam is more concerned with framing Harry for the crash.

Darren becomes the poster boy for the bike delivery business and Cleo regrets inviting Joel along on her cinema date with Mitchell.

Time to Leave?

Home and Away (C5)

Simone is at her wit's end. She may have found love in Summer Bay, but she's also trapped in a nightmare.

At school, she discovers her office has been spray-painted with the word 'homewrecker', and although Raffy is the prime suspect, Ryder forces Bella to admit she did the deed. Simone is so hurt she resigns and tells Brody it's time for her to move on - but is he willing to go with her?

Ziggy's drinking is spiralling out of control to the extent that Justin sends her home from the garage. She spends the night at Dean's; Willow is overcome with jealousy after spotting her leaving the next morning. As a result, she makes a rash decision that could ruin her friendship with him.

While Jett struggles to cope with survivor's guilt, Robbo's efforts to get back together with Jasmine prove awkward; perhaps she's worried that footage of her kissing Colby will get out.

A Familiar Face Returns

Neighbours (C5)

After Sonya visited Andrea shortly before her death, it was obvious that she'd return in some capacity. Toadie is unaware of their meeting, but Shane knows all about it and thinks the time is right to find out whether Andrea's claim that Dee is still alive is true or not.

Mark discovers Andrea is living nearby, so Shane pays her a visit - but isn't sure about the validity of her story. He brings her back to Erinsborough; Toadie is horrified to see her, but perhaps he'll calm down after hearing what she has to say.

Meanwhile, Terese's vendetta against Vance continues, but she's unaware that the racehorse he claims to own is actually stolen.

Another clash between Gary and Kyle seems to be on the horizon after they offer their services to Karl, who needs somebody to renovate his tram.

Elly confides in Susan and agrees to Mark's annulment plan, and Finn asks Yashvi to help him play matchmaker.