Elaine Ferguson As much as I don't like her no one deserves to be treated the way she was she was bullied, if that had been in an average place of work and treated the way she was there would have been an enquiry

Martin Yuille General Election should follow. Another PM the country didn't vote for to follow

Guy James Pickup Every single MP should hang there heads in shame done absolutely nothing to respect the decision of 2016 electorate, while other important issues have been left across the UK!

Hannah Ward Not a fan really, and never had any of my votes. But I do feel sorry for her. She had an impossible task made harder by a lack of support and respect from all parties involved. Just shutting down anything she had to say but offering up no solution or reason. They should all be ashamed at her treatment. They don’t care about this country. Just what goes into their own pockets.

Brian Sinclair Shut the door on the way out.

Dave Turnbull Good riddance

Jane McEwan Showing her human side at the very end...too late

Mike Hollingsworth Who cares

Simon Kingston We need a General Election ! Not crocodile tears outside Number 10 ! God help us all if Buffoon Boris replaces her !