DOZENS of students rallied to protest against the lack of government action to combat climate change.

More than 30 Ulverston Victoria High School students chose to skip school to strike against the growing global warming crisis yesterday afternoon.

Students lined up outside the Coronation Hall with signs reading ‘There is no Planet B’ and ‘Safeguard Our Future’ to highlight their demand for government action.

Leading the strike was Year 13 students, Heather Ball and Tilly Jackson, who organised Ulverston’s first climate change protest event.

Miss Jackson said: “Today is a big call for the government and big organisations to take action against climate change.

“The strike is taking place in more than 1,600 places across the world which we are proud to be a part of.

“I think this is a really important way to promote the message of the campaign which is that we are all destroying our planet and need to do something about it.”

Miss Ball said she was “really impressed” with the event’s turn out.

She said: “More people have turned up than we ever expected - it’s completely exceeded our expectations.

“I think it’s really important that we all unite over this cause.”

The protest was part of a nationwide youth strike to highlight the increasing concern about the unfolding climate crisis.

Protestor and Year 13 student Ruth McKenny said she hoped the protest would help inspire young people to get engaged in the global warming crisis.

She said: “We’ve not got long left on this planet if we continue to treat the planet the way we are.

“I think it’s more important now than ever that we get behind causes like this and come together to help save the planet.”

Fellow Year 13 protestor Stephanie Gardener added: “I think the turn out is absolutely brilliant and really shows how much Ulverston cares about climate change.

“Climate change affects everyone so protests like this should unite everyone.”

However, it was not just students striking for awareness.

Numerous parents got involved in the protesting activities.

Thea Jackson, mum of Tilly Jackson who co-organised the event, wanted to show her support for the protesters.

She said: “I just wanted to support the youth strikes because our children are our future.”

The strike took place in more than 1,400 cities in 110 countries across the world, topping the 1.4 million protestors who participated in the global day of strikes in March.