A PUB landlady has questioned plans for 35 new houses at Lindal.

Hazel Ward, of The Railway Inn, called on the developer to increase the amount of car parking spaces in the development.

Housebuilders Chandlers Country Homes won permission from Barrow council to build on a five-acre greenfield site at London Road.

It involves a new access being created onto London Road, as well as off-street car parking for residents and a small car park for the pub.

Mrs Ward told Barrow council’s planning committee: “The proposed customer car parking spaces are inadequate for my premises. At the moment we have parking in front of the public house and over the road.

“When they build this housing estate, over the road is going to be double-yellow lined. That would leave me with four car parking spaces – if we’re lucky.

She said residents had more than one car and a neighbour had four.

“If they put double yellow lines over the road, where is everyone going to park? They’re going to park up at The Railway.”

Former Barrow councillor Eric Wood raised a number of concerns on behalf of a resident. Harry Tonge, an agent for the applicants, said the car parking was not yet set in stone.

Mr Tonge said: “That number isn’t fixed. I am not saying that more spaces for the pub could be provided. We would be happy to have that conversation. If we can provide a couple more, we will look at that. If it’s not possible, it’s not possible.”

Charles Wilton, the council’s principal planning officer, said the site had previously been protected from housing.

But it had been allocated for new homes in the council’s emerging local plan, which is the blueprint for where the next generation of homes can go.

Cumbria County Council, as highways authority, had suggested double yellow lines to help with visibility for motorists entering and leaving the site, he said.

Planning committee member Bill McEwan said more houses could have a positive impact for the pub.

“If they are building more houses there, more people might use the pub,” said Cllr McEwan, the Labour councillor for Ormsgill.

The committee agreed the application which includes mostly detached family houses with eight units reserved for the over 55s and four starter homes.