CLIMATE change is a hot topic at the moment with various people insisting that we can't do this, can't eat that and can't burn the other.

Often, as the pictures from the recent protests in London highlighted, these people fit the same stereotype. They are the people who must have a cause and take offence at pretty much anything they don't agree with.

So yesterday was a refreshing change as youngsters stepped out of their schools to make their point against what is happening to our planet.

These children are naturally concerned about any possible threat to the environment - and, let's face it, they are likely to be around for a bit longer than many of the folk who laugh off their protests.

It's good that they are encouraged to express themselves and maybe they have a point.

And maybe we can all start doing our bit a little closer to home.

Don't have a coffee in a silly plastic cup from one of the multitude of coffee shops on the high street.

Don't get mum or dad to drive you when you can easily walk and steer clear of fast-foot restaurants and their excessive wrapping.

None of those things are great for the environment - and steering clear of them would possibly have more impact than a few songs in the street.