THE men and women who run pubs in Furness don’t get the chance for many evenings away from work.

When there was a night off, many of them got together in branches of the Licensed Victuallers Association and helped raise cash for good causes.

In April 1988 the Ulverston branch presented £1,000 to Neurosurgical Research and in June 1995 the Barrow branch donated £200 each to several groups, including the Child Development Centre at Furness General Hospital.

In May 1997 Barrow members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Licensed Victuallers Association started at Fatty’s bar, on Hindpool Road, for a pub crawl with a Roaring 1920s theme.

The event raised more than £200 for the Furness Cancer Chemotherapy Fund.

Fundraiser Jenny Cole said: “We managed to raise the amount in just a few hours. We would have gone on for more but the buckets were all full.”