A SCHOOL head teacher has reassured parents that safety comes first ahead of a national youth strike taking place tomorrow.

In a letter addressed to the 1,339 students of Ulverston Victoria High School (UVHS), Matthew Hardwick assured parents the school would not allow students to leave the premises for Friday’s climate strike without parental consent.

He wrote: “I am sure you are aware now that there is to be a second “Youth Strike” on Friday May 24 to highlight the environmental threats that are facing the planet.

“You may rest assured that, as the law requires, we cannot and will not allow a child to leave the school site unless collected by parents.

“However, I appreciate that some of your children feel strongly about this issue and, as parents, you have the legal right to collect your child from school at your discretion if you wish to take them to a particular event.

“I hope you appreciate that our duty of care is paramount and whatever our personal feelings or opinions, that we are duty bound by the law and the expectations of our parents.”

The strike is led by Student Climate Network member and UVHS student, Heather Ball, 18.

She felt inspired to host a climate change youth strike in Ulverston after hearing of the success of a Kendal-based protest in March.

Miss Ball respects the school’s guidelines on safeguarding but is still encouraging youths to attend the protest.

She said: “I think that it’s important for students to come because climate change is an issue that will have a severe impact on humanity if left unaddressed, and with so many people striking around the world we can have a big impact.”

The protest takes place outside the Coronation Hall in Ulverston from noon.