ONE working border collie who is very easy to spot is enjoying the good life with the perfect work/family life balance.

Spot is the much loved dog belonging to Sharon Moorhouse and the pair call Askam their home.

Now aged two, Spot originally belonged to Sharon's uncle who got her as a pup but soon realised she was going to need a lot of work and guidance to become a working dog — so he gave her to Sharon.

Although she thinks the world of her, Sharon admits Spot has trouble staying focussed on her work although she does love her job.

She has a bad habit of chasing the postman and loves to be kept busy.

However, Spot is also very much a member of the family and goes everywhere with them.

Another four-legged resident of Askam is a little shih tzu crossed with a chihuahua who answers to the name Poppy and belongs to Melissa Lacey.

Poppy, now four-years-old, cannot be left on her own and always sleeps on the bed - another pup who is making the most of her family's soft side.

Despite her size, she can be a bit of a handful with other dogs, but Melissa also says Poppy is an amazing, friendly pup.

Working cocker spaniel Max Mackay was born in Kendal but now lives with Brenda in Barrow.

Brenda got him as a pup and said he was such a beautiful dog from the start that she just feel in love with him.

He is now four and is a very very friendly dog who loves to carry a teddy bear around the house. Max is a bit of a softy.

He is also another dog who is regarded very much as part of the family and Brenda says he is their pride and joy.