SEEING responses from members of the public, politicians and the media to Extinction Rebellion protesters in London recently, how do we regard or even perceive the threat of impending climate chaos?

Clearly, doing nothing or ‘business as usual’ is not an option if we want to make a difference!

Of course, we can start by making changes in our own behaviour. However, government here in the UK and, more importantly, overseas must do more to implement legislation that influences and compels all stakeholders to take action. Developers, retailers, consumers - we are all responsible in some way. This has to be at the core of change.

What is enough?

The impact of the introduction of laws to ‘force’ change must not be underestimated. Smoking laws, introduction of lead-free petrol, end of free plastic bags prove this, but they are still only part of the solution. Public lobbying and science compel us to respond. Meanwhile we must do what we can. On a personal level how we shop, what we eat, where and how we travel, this is all stuff we can do differently quite easily.

Is Government doing enough?

Certainly, the consensus is that governments need to respond faster. As far as the greater public response goes, supply responds to market demands. Intensive farming, demand for seasonal food all year, collecting air miles, disposable fashion, all have an impact. Until we start to value ‘less is more’ and treasure the stuff we already own, things will never change.

Dylan Jones, via email