A 60-year-old bottle of Fairy Liquid has been discovered during a beach clean.

The well-preserved plastic container, which still includes the original text: "Fairy mild grease liquid", was picked up at Arbroath beach, Angus by school children.

Pupils from Ladyloan Primary School in Arbroath collected 25 bags of rubbish during the Great Angus Beach Clean and among the waste was the old bottle.

It dates back to the 1960s - but it is not known how long it has been in the sea.

The iconic bottle design became famous in the TV programme Blue Peter after thousands of children transformed the empty bottles into rockets.

The design became so popular Procter & Gamble released a similar version in 2010 to mark its 50th anniversary.

Wendy Murray, who runs the East Haven Together voluntary cleaning group, said she was shocked to see the bottle which has survived nearly six decades.

Wendy said: "We had a big Angus beach clean.

"We asked the children at a local primary school to take part.

"We took them to a very small area of beach where there is a lot of rock armour.

"They picked up 25 bags of litter and I had to look through it all and count all the cans and plastic bottles.

"I discovered this fairy-washing up liquid bottle and thought this looks really old.

"I researched the graphics and realised it dated back to the 1960s.

"I was just shocked by it all."

The pupils at the school took part in the beach clean to learn more about the dangers of plastic waste.

Wendy added: "The beach clean lasted for three days and other people that took part were also shocked about the amount of rubbish.

"This is the longest beach clean we've ever done.

"In total there were 123 bags and 25 of them came from the school pupils.

"We have been beach cleaning for 26 years, 640 metres of fishing rope was amongst the junk."