A POLICE crackdown on drivers using their phones at the wheel saw fines and penalty points handed out.

Ulverston police led a 90-minute operation aimed at catching mobile phone users across the A590 stretch to Swarthmoor in Ulverston following pressure from councillors.

Eight motorists were pulled over by police, with five issued £200 fines and six penalty points.

The crackdown came in response to councillor demands for police enforcement after noticing a rise in mobile phone use while driving.

Results were revealed at Ulverston town council's meeting on Monday night.

South Lakeland District Councillor Mark Wilson said he hoped the findings would deliver a “strong and clear message” to motorists.

He said: “This is something the council asked for last year which Sergeant Rupert Johnson delivered on. This is the result we asked for and we are not surprised by the findings.

“People are still, rather foolishly, using their mobile phones while driving and we’re hoping operations like this will spread the message that this is not acceptable.”

Ulverston mayor Sharon Webster said the crackdown was a “brilliant” way to deter drivers from using mobile devices while driving.

She said: “Every day we see people using their phones illegally and something needs to be done.

“Hopefully people will see this and think twice before putting their life and others at risk.

“It is something which needs to be taken seriously.”