THE days when Dalton was the centre of trade and commerce for Furness was celebrated in 2007 with a lavish medieval banquet.

It was held as part of the build-up to a street market — celebrating the town's role as the ancient capital of Furness.

The Mail, on Tuesday, May 22, noted: "More than 50 revellers took a step back in time for Dalton's medieval banquet on Saturday,

"Diners dressed in medieval costume were wined and dined at the Chequers Hotel until stocks ran out.

"There was also entertainment from musicians, jesters and dancers.

"The event,organised by the Dalton Traders and Business Association, was the curtain raiser for the town's medieval market day, to be held on Bank Holiday Monday.

"The events celebrate Dalton's standing as the ancient capital of Furness."

The Dalton Traders and Business Association vice-chairman, Tim Bell said: "It was really, really good.

"The service and food were phenomenal as were the costumes.

"Everybody participated. It was a fantastic thing for Dalton."

Dalton's medieval market was to feature Morris dancers, ferret roulette, longbow making, medieval music and fire eaters."

Music for the Chequers Hotel banquet was provided by the Dorian Players.

Claudio Haley and Iain McNichol entertained the guests with dancing skills.

Pollyanna and Austin Shields went along as a maiden and a jester.

Robert Reader came dressed as the Black Knight Sir William Callow and Arwen Bailey was Lady Arwen.

Dalton gets a mention in the Domesday Book compiled for the new Norman rulers of England.

The community's name was written as Daltune and it was one of the townships forming the Manor of Hougun held by Tostig.