IT’S an anniversary that many people around the UK won’t know anything about — but it’s an anniversary that matters, not only to this area but to the rest of the country and its allies.

This year marks 50 years of a Continuous At Sea Deterrent, in other words the country’s nuclear submarines which, of course, are built in Barrow.

And Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt has been quick to praise the efforts of the thousands of people who have toiled in the town’s shipyard for the past five decades for playing their part in protecting our shores.

We all know just how vital the yard is to people in and around this area — and whether we like it or not, the submarines play the most crucial of peacekeeping role.

Yes, some people believe there is no place for them. Some politicians would scrap the subs in a heartbeat.

But without wanting to enter into a debate about the rights and wrongs and pros and cons of the deterrent, we can all sleep that little bit sounder at night with the knowledge that around the clock, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year there is a submarine deep down in the ocean looking out for our best interests.

Naturally we should all hope that the subs will never been called into action – but knowing they are there helps to keep us safe and keeps would-be aggressors at arm’s length.