AN Ulverston woman has been spreading the positive message of veganism by creating an online cupcake business for people who are dairy intolerant.

Vicky Niblo, 38, who is vegan herself, started up Ethicake, a plant-based food company, after she discovered her child could not consume dairy products.

Since the online firm's establishment in January, Mrs Niblo has been working with plant-based businesses and a range of charities around the Furness area.

She said: "My newborn Billy was dairy intolerant which motivated me to create the business.

"My husband and I suspected very early on after he was suffering from colic, stomach pains and rashes.

"He's eight months old now, and since that time I have been vegan - it's great because now he's not left out when we enjoy these types of treats.

"We try to be as ethical as practically possible.

"All of our ingredients are Fairtrade.

"We only use sustainably-sourced palm oil.

"It can be difficult at time because we avoid any single-use plastics, which admittedly makes it impossible to put them in the post, but we're trying to help the planet, so convenience isn't always an option.

"Also, all of our packaging is 100% compostable."

The business sells a range of vegan cupcakes and sweet treats, which are baked by Mrs Niblo at her home in Ulverston.

Mrs Niblo added: "We've only been open a few months, but we now supply cakes to the Barrow's vegan eatery, Sweet Pepper Cafe.

"We also have links with the vegan B&B in Ulverston and grocery store Cut the Wrap."

"We donate to local causes, including the children's ward at Furness General Hospital, and the Furness mental health charity Mind.

"Next week, we're also providing Barrow Community Kitchen with cakes."

On Monday 13th June, Mrs Niblo will be holding a cake sale from 1pm until 4pm for the Alzheimer's Society at Haddown's Stoves on Market Street, Ulverston with all proceeds going to the charity.