BARROW Police has raised objections to alcoholic drinks being sold in the town centre during next month’s soapbox challenge.

It follows an application to Barrow council by Ulverston businessman Dan Niblo, who runs The Red Rum Trailer Bar. The 36-year-old launched the mobile bar business in January selling rum cocktails, spirits, craft beers and gin from a converted horsebox.

He applied to Barrow Council for a licence to sell from the junction of Portland Walk and Dalton Road between 10am-10pm at the June 29 event. But Barrow Police has told the council the race finishes at 5pm and suggested drinks stop being served at 6pm.

Police Sgt Sara Seath said the drinks van was not an “issue” but selling alcohol from the street later into the night could compromise public safety and stretch resources.

Sgt Seath told the council: “The event finishes at 5pm, and as I understood it, work would begin after the event finished to start dismantling the course."

The serving of alcohol where work was being done to clean up the course could be “at odds with public safety,” she said. The event, organised by Barrow BID, will see fairs and a live stage in Scott Street.

Sgt Seath said: “I would prefer it, if after the race, we didn’t have to spread our resources too far.”

Barrow council’s licensing regulatory committee sits on May 23.

Its licensing officer is recommending that drinks stop being served from the unit at 6pm, although its conditions allow trading until 8pm.

Mr Niblo said he would prefer to trade for longer but was more than happy to stop at that time as he planned to make further applications to the council in future and wanted to have a good relationship.

Mr Niblo said: “Obviously anti-social behaviour and under-age drinking is a concern and something we take very seriously, so I think on this occasion we will fall in line with the recommendation.”

The business makes its first visit to Barrow at Kick Off 4 Mental Health at Hawcoat Park on May 25.