KEY political figures have spoken out against Tommy Robinson ahead of his visit to Barrow tonight.

Members of the Barrow Labour Party have spoken out against Mr Robinson as he continues his campaign tour across the North West ahead of the European Election.

Watch: Tommy Robinson delivers message to Barrow

Chris Altree, the Labour candidate for the next general election, said: " As a Barrovian I've lived in this area most of my life barring the army and university.

"I've served in Afghan.

"I've seen extremism close up.

"Bigotry has many colours, many faces and many religions.

"Yaxley Lennon has many faces and is a bigot.

"He has the right to speak here, people have the right to attend.

"We have the right to protest."

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Mr Altree's sentiment has been echoed by Ann Thomson, Chair of Barrow and Furness Labour Party.

She said: "Stephen Yaxley-Lennon is a far right thug with multiple convictions ranging from assault, violence in public areas, domestic violence and mortgage fraud, and is totally unfit, to take a seat as an elected representative for the European Parliament or in any arena of modern politics.

"He drums up racial hatred whilst claiming to stand for freedom of speech, doorstepping and intimidating journalists and those who oppose his divisive, islamaphobic, hateful politics.

"He is an enemy to the working class and everything this great nation stands for.

"I hope that people across the Borough will denounce this hatred.

"Furness does not tolerate those who peddle hate.

"I am confident that Barrow will reject his abhorrent, racist and outdated views.

"We stand for hope and not hate in our tolerant community."