A FIRE station manager has given a public warning as summer approaches.

Barrow station manager Roger Exley has voiced his concerns after a dry winter, which is set to be coupled by an unusually dry summer.

The warning comes after a deliberate fire was caused at Cavendish Dock on Tuesday night, which created a large grass and gorse blaze.

Mr Exley said: "We've dealt with a lot of grass fires, which were caused by rises in heat.

"I'm not singling out any groups, but we've attended too many fires recently caused by youths.

"It's easier to deal with a fire within a building because it's less likely to spread, but outdoor fires can lead to uncontrollable situations, like the one at Cavendish Dock on Tuesday night.

"We want the public to be careful as the summer approaches and just think about what they're doing, especially when using BBQs."

Firefighter Paul Milburn, who was on as station manager on Tuesday evening confirmed the fire was deliberate.