THE bells will be ringing out this weekend in celebration of a major milestone for a Barrow church.

Bellringers will take part in a special performance this Saturday May 18 for the 150th anniversary of the consecration of the church of St James the Great on Blake Street in Hindpool.

This Saturday at noon a quarter peal will be attempted of a fairly complex method named “St James the Great Delight Major”, which will take around one hour to ring the 1260 pulls on each rope in celebrate of the anniversary.

This method has never been attempted for a quarter peal in Barrow before, and will also be the first time any of the ringers have rung a quarter peal of this method.

A short while afterwards, the bells will ring again in celebration, for an hour and a half from 1.45pm. to 3.15pm.

This time the bells will be rung by young ringers from across Lancashire and South Cumbria, practising for the Ringing World National Youth Contest that will be held in Liverpool on July 6.