Your thoughts on plans to build new homes on the gateway to Barrow...

Gill Jepson They have not addresses the loss of hedgerows the council capitulated to developer pressure to replace them with paths-its appalling with all the issues around green belt and environment that this is allowed. Bad enough we are being presented with more soulless over prices boxes but to lose even more green belt is just appalling! We are replacing real countryside with faux synthetic “greens” - and I dread to think about the run off effect into the valley below!

Ruth Turner Gill Jepson I totally agree Gill

Darren Gill Why not just start in town and renew all the empty houses in town instead of digging fields up

Matthew Jacob This fervour shown towards the lack of “affordable housing” being built in the area is actually quite misguided. Counter-intuitively, building affordable homes prevents people from moving on up the ladder due to a lack of supply, which naturally pushes up the cost of houses in the region above affordable, which only makes the whole problem worse. We need more houses built at the price point above affordable, which will flood the market with the affordable houses as people upsize

Susan Kent If they are”affordable ie.not nearly 200k! No chance of young people affording some of the so called affordable homes.

Kate-Louise Scanlan I’d rather have one of those than one by the college!

Noreen Whalley If they are similar to the ones built at Meadowlands, the gardens will be tiny so that little children who live there will be playing on bikes and scooters on the surrounding roads, an accident waiting to happen. Why the need anyway to build on green belt land when every Wednesday in the Mail there are hundreds of houses for sale that people can’t sell?

Grant Sutcliffe Wow they look affordable! Will give nurses and hospital visitors somewhere else to park I suppose so every cloud eh

Jacqueline Pennington Not affordable houses at all, leave the fields