A FURNESS filmmaker and comedian is aiming for national fame after the release a brand new song today on social media.

Dominic Lamb, 27, who won Furness fame in 2018 for his debut song Dressing Gown, has released another hit on Spotify called Grandma's Tea Party.

Mr Lamb, who lives in Ulverston, stated the song mirrors the work of American electronic dance group LMFAO.

He said: "The video is about the painstaking realities of when you have to visit your relatives.

"Whether it's Christmas, Easter or a birthday, we're all obliged to make an effort when we don't want to - so we're just poking fun at that."

Mr Lamb said for this project he has been working Scottish producer Calum Matheson.

Mr lamb added: "This project has taken me to as far as Glasgow to a recording studio where we rapped up the video to Grandma's Tea Party.

"It's amazing really as this only started out a hobby of mine, but it has now snow-balled into something I could not have imagined.

"The recent project turned out great.

"Plus it's always nice to perform with my friends and family, so I'd like to thank them for helping me out during the filming process.

"All in all, there was 15 people involved, all of which had to see me wearing either a cardigan or zebra pants."

Going forward Mr Lamb said he wants to take his talents to a professional stage.

"I think we all have the dream to make it as a professional performer," he added.

"I'd like for our songs to be played on Radio 1 because we've had a lot of positive feedback from people about our music.

"People who have watched our first video have also complimented our unique humour.

"So far, I can reveal there's plans for a third project, which will differ from the two previous songs.

"The first song, Dress Gown, was more of an R&B song; Grandma's Tea Party was inspired by dance group LMFAO; and our next song will take on the form similar to New Order, specifically their 1980s' hit True Faith."