A TOWN centre pub and restaurant has introduced smaller portions of some of its most popular dishes in a bid to combat food waste.

The Sun in Ulverston has created a British Classics menu for senior citizens, some of whom had commented the pub’s generous portions were too much.

Now smaller versions will be cooked up by the chef, reducing food waste levels - and making lunchtime more manageable for those with smaller appetites.

Kirsty Mackenzie is a director of Lakeland Inns which owns The Sun.

She said: “It has become clear in recent months that many of The Sun’s older clientele find our standard portions too large.

“It never feels good to be throwing perfectly good food away, but that has been a reality, which is why we have launched the new menu to help cater for what our customers want, and also reduce the level of food waste in the pub.

“We make a conscious effort to ensure we do our bit - for example, our family-owned brewery, Stringers, is 100 per cent renewably powered, while all of our pub stirrers and straws are 100 per cent biodegradable."