A PERSON was given oxygen after a fire at a house in Barrow.

Crews came from Barrow, Ulverston and Walney fire stations were called to the fire around the Cloisters Avenue area.

Firefighters from Barrow’s crew were in attendance first, and dealt with the source of the fire, which was reportedly started by a grill pan.

The fire occurred on the first floor of the domestic property.

To put out the fire, firefighters used two breathing apparatus and one hose to extinguish the flames.

There was only one casualty, who was administrated oxygen by fire service personnel.

The fire crews remained on scene for around 35 minutes on Monday night.

Barrow station manager Roger Exley said: “If you’re in doubt, get out of the building and ring 999.

“We urge people to get adequate smoke detectors. Also, never leave pans unattended.”