THE Mail has been doing food reviews for many years and at the end of May in 1994 made the rather usual choice of heading for Derek's roadside eatery in a caravan at the side of the A590, near the Dickson's Arms at Haverthaite.

The article noted: "His bacon butties - legendary value at 90p - are the stuff that roadside breakfast dreams are made of and motorway service areas just can't match.

"The freshly made beefburgers and cheeseburgers - my personal favourites - fly off the ever-sizzling hot plate for under a quid as well.

"Big Mac and Double Whoppers don't hold a candle to a Derekburger.

"Washed down with a mug of tea - note a mug and not a polystyrene plant pot - it's the perfect meal to send you on our travels, or save you cooking supper when you get home.