THE coastguard along with an Army bomb disposal team was called to a beach between Drigg and Seascale yesterday.

Millom Coastguard rescue team assisted Whitehaven Coastguard and an Army bomb squad following a report of a suspicious item on the beach, northwest of Millom.

The item was confirmed as ordnance by the Coastguards on scene and a bomb disposal unit was alerted.

An Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal team attended the scene and disposed of the item.

A spokesperson from Millom Coastguard rescue team, said: "It was just a washed up piece of ordnance.

"The Army bomb disposal team, from The Royal Logistics Corps, attended and blew it up.

"It is believed it was an artillery fired illuminating flare.

"The team in attendance confirmed it was ordnance."

Cumbria Police had attended the day before to a report and had located the item and marked its location before the tide came back in.

Millom Coastguard provided the following message: "If you see anything suspicious, on the foreshore, give it a wide berth and report it Straight away by dialling 999 and ask for coastguard."