Extolling the bent British establishment as the beacon of democracy and declaring the EU as dictatorial and undemocratic shows Nigel Farage as the vain, shallow hypocrite he has always been.

He needs to be reminded of some home truths. Unable, after countless times, to get elected in this “Beacon of Democracy”, he got not joy.

The only stage he would get was through the EU. Conversely now he could have the most MEPs supporting him.

All this despite the fact he has not one positive thing to say about this benefactor who also pays him a pension.

This begs the question, why has the EU not dealt decisively with this traitor if it is undemocratic and dictatorial.

Dictators don’t allow enemies to threaten them and Farage is not there to make anything but trouble for his own ends.

No other government or state would tolerate him. His British Bulldog, beer-swilling, working man image is fraudulent.

Far from being John Bull, he is Farage La Touche.

His family roots barely break the topsoil in Britain whereas as a French Huguenot in origin they go a lot deeper there.

Finally, once having a German wife or a French confidante as a secretary in reality with Farage the Brits don’t get a look in.

You can tell someone by the company they keep. Trump and Johnson are his soulmates.

Three amigos with egos bigger than Barrage Ballroom.

E Fletcher, via email