AN estimated 500 people held a vigil outside Westminster Abbey on May 3 in a protest at a thanksgiving service that was being held inside the abbey.

What was the service for?

It was held to mark 50 years of the Royal Navy having nuclear armed submarines.

The demonstration outside was organised by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and saw people from all faiths and no faith stage a “die-in” that represented the victims of nuclear war.

Imagine the utter devastation that would occur if these appalling weapons were ever used.

How can the clergy who attended the service, preach love and peace yet support nuclear weapons?

It appears hypocrisy is not only rife in politics, but also in the church as well.

Imagine the billions that is spent on nuclear weapons being spent instead on public services.

How much safer and how much better would our world be for all to live in?

Martin Webb