CAPTAIN is a young boy who has the pleasure of waking up each day full of energy.

This 11-month-old toy poodle, who is pictured at just nine months old, belongs to Michelle Fourte and the pair call the lovely island of Walney their home.

Daughter Lisa Linney says the whole family clubbed together to get Captain for their mum Michelle who wanted some extra company around the house.

He has been part of the family since he was eight weeks old and he will be one on June 9.

Captain loves everybody and always wants to say hello to new people.

He has become best friends with the girls and Robbie at Costa when he is not sitting in top spot on neighbourhood watch duty looking out of the living room window.

Captain is always up for a game of tig your it with his family who he is also fond of chasing.

He has two best four-legged friends in Beau a bullpai and Rush a bull dog and they all go walking together.

His human best friend is Cameron, Lisa's son and Michelle's grandson.

Lisa describes Captain as just a nut job who absolutely loves being himself and is spoilt rotten.

Two equally loveables pooches are Simba and Nala who share their lives with owner Natasha-Jade Frith-Williams in Barrow.

Natasha-Jade says the pair are both working cocker spaniels who are father and daughter.

Simba is two-years five months old and Nala is nine months.

She added: "They are the most loving and entertaining dogs you could meet. They have their own facebook and Instagram page and like to keep people entertained as well as raising awareness of certain issues via social media.

"They also show off our wonderful Lake District.

"Simba has won many a shows for his tricks and Nala will be starting to compete this year in some trick classes too. They have posted some comical vidoes on their page, including a huge Valentines hit video and a baby reveal video.

"They are the best doggies who love snuggles and are the most friendly loving pets."

The final pet of the week this time round is 18-month-old black Labrador Shadow who has filled a massive void in owner Graeme Quinn's life after he lost his last lab to a mystery illness aged just four in November 2017.

The Mail did an article on him in November 2017, Graeme added.

Shadow's a bundle of mischief stealing everything (food mainly) that he can get his paws on.