The Greens are coming!

Following the most successful district elections for the Green Party in decades, e have made a net gain of 194 councillors across England and Northern Ireland. We now have a total of 362, serving on 122 councils.

There are now 53 councils who for the first time have a Green member and we are delighted that South Lakeland District Council is one of them.

Congratulations to Judy Filmore representing Ulverston West who gained 756 votes in a dramatic turnaround for the town.

Judy would like to thank all those who voted Green.

The message on the doorstep was that people very much appreciated regular newsletters and the chance to meet Judy in person.

Judy will continue to listen to residents' concerns and will be a strong Green voice on the council.

One of her first tasks will be to ensure that the council’s Climate Change pledge is backed up by action.

Whether or not many of these votes were in protest at the current disarray in government, it seems clear that Green ideas are taking hold across much of the country.

We are a party that are deeply concerned about many aspects of the political system and where this has led on policies.

We are strongly in support of Remain and the idea of a People’s Vote. We have great concerns about Climate Change and strongly believe this must now be seen as a National Emergency.

We live in unsettled times.

Austerity has led to huge levels of inequality. Pollution is an ever more urgent issue and public transport, housing, education, the NHS, social care and more are all in desperate need of a serious rethink.

The Green Party are seeking real change and will continue to push for policies for the common good for all.

Peter Howlett

Ulverston Green Party