The former Junior European Bronze medal winner introduced the children to both defence and attack moves, including special taekwondo rules.

Stepping out of their comfort zone, each child was thrilled to be taught by the taekwondo expert and everyone was ecstatic to learn something new during their PE period.

Evie F said: “It's great to learn new sports.

“I think we all feel honoured to have this opportunity.

“Some of the rules I’ve remembered are to always kick with the top part of your foot; be aware of your surroundings; and to make sure you kick the right part of the pad at the right time.

“Above all though, I am so amazed we were taught by a martial art bronze-medallist winner and former British champion!

Derran spoke about targets she is setting herself after each session.

She said: “I hope to improve at the head-and-back kick, while straightening my legs more.

“I also can’t wait to learn more advanced moves, while improving my flexibility.”

Indianna said: “We’re extremely fortunate to have a former British champion instructing us.”

Evie W said: "I also do boxing as a hobby, but taekwondo has taught me lots of new things.

"It's improved my fitness and energy levels."