BARROW Community Kitchen have been awarded with this week’s Bouquet of the Week.

In honour of the hard work put in by the volunteers at the community group, just off Longway, Mind-in-Furness chairman Michael Cassells nominated the centre.

The kitchen provides an outlet for those suffering from various issues, including benefit sanctions, low income, or mental health concerns.

Mr Cassells said: "Usually with food banks or community groups an individual has to pass a certain criteria before receiving help - which is time-consuming.

"With Barrow Community Kitchen, no criteria is needed - people are taken at face value.

"A person may be on a decent wage, but there could be hidden factors that aren't on the surface - such as loneliness - which is a huge issue in our society.

"The community kitchen helps everyone and turns away no-one."

The kitchen has gone above and beyond on many occasions and recently turned the life around of one individual, who suffers from cancer.

This person's health was rapidly deteriorating due to stress after having their gas line disconnected.

Pulling together, the kitchen's members, along with the support of Mr Cassells and the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions), provided food supplies and emotional support to the individual.

Sharon Foden, community kitchen project manager, said: "The community kitchen is somewhere to go for everyone; a place of openness and non-judgement.

"Currently, we're open on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays providing meals and social events.

"On Sundays we provide a three-course meal and the vibe is always great.

"We help all kinds of people who suffer from financial troubles to emotional support by tackling mental health stigma and loneliness."

Mr Cassells added: "It's more than just a meal, the extra work the group put in is outstanding."

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