Our guide to all the soap action week

Dinah Crisis

EastEnders (BBC1)

Karen is doing her best to support Dinah but she's feeling out of her depth - and it only gets worse when she finds Dinah writing future birthday cards to Bailey.

So, Karen speaks to a nurse for help with Dinah's depression before getting in touch with another patient who has been through something similar, hoping he can offer words of wisdom.

It briefly seems like Dinah's spirits have been lifted, but then Mitch makes a heart-breaking discovery...

Louise has some harsh words for Keanu, although Sharon is a lot more sympathetic towards him. And if he wasn't already living dangerously with the Mitchells, Keanu uses a case of mistaken identity to double cross Ben.

Elsewhere, Martin and Stacey try to matchmake for Kat, who goes along with it to make Kush jealous, while Mick's attempt to play cupid for one of Linda's mates somehow succeeds in bringing Jack and Denise together - just as Mel was bonding with Amy.

Max tells Rainie they can't work together, and Kathy gets a surprise.

Carla Needs a Hero

Coronation Street (ITV)

Roy returns from Portsmouth to be greeted by the sight of missing-person posters of Carla. He joins Johnny to form a two-man search party, only to later find her waiting for him at his flat.

Sadly, Roy's relief is short-lived as Carla shares her paranoid fears that Kate is hiding Rana and then starts asking after Aiden. Despite her protests, it's clear she needs to go to hospital, but when she later wakes up there to find Johnny and Roy at her bedside, she's not happy and wants to see Peter. However, Ken fears his son isn't in a fit state to look after himself, let alone a fragile Carla.

Elsewhere, Steve risks the wrath of Tracy when he considers spending their house deposit on an app to boost the taxi business, and then inadvertently puts himself in more danger with a plan to raise some quick cash.

Kirk is a hit at the talent contest, Seb grows closer to Alina, and David and Nick panic when it looks like the police want to inspect their accounts.

Lisa Returns

Emmerdale (ITV)

Lisa and Zak are coming home, and Belle is determined to roll out the Dingle equivalent of the red carpet.

Understandably, the couple aren't up to being the life and soul of a welcome-home party, and when Charity also starts getting upset, Belle is worried. Lisa finally reveals she's dying, leaving her daughter hurt that Charity knew before her. Zak tries to comfort his wife, but it seems the strain is getting too much when he subsequently goes missing.

Meanwhile, Harriet may also not have much time left if Will has his way as he prints up a box of leaflets celebrating the vicar's life. Dawn is horrified by her dad's latest actions and gets into a tussle with him, which ends in her hitting her head on the table. Harriet is outraged to find the injured Dawn and marches off to the church to confront Will, who then attacks her with a coffin lid.

Priya urges David to go to the police after Jacob fails to show up to his first exam, and Aaron puts the surrogacy plans on hold so Robert can support Victoria.

Liam Drives Mercedes Crazy

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Mercedes seems physically incapable of staying out of trouble - she can't even chaperone Max's school dance without accidentally taking a biscuit tin full of Prince's cocaine along with her.

So when Liam suggests they have some fun together, Mercedes struggles to resist and they end up going for a joyride in Harry's car. However, during the ride home, they lose control of the motor, crashing into some roadworks. Mercedes fears they've also hit someone and when Liam goes to check, he spots a shoe, which he then kicks out of the way...

Meanwhile, Harry, who was on a mission to hand over cash to a mystery person at the time of the theft, fails to report his car as stolen because he assumes Romeo has taken it. But when he finds out the teen is innocent, he belatedly goes to the police.

Breda prepares an attack on her next victim, and Jonny and Stuart tell Ste about some of the marches they have been on.

Sienna awaits the results of the school's investigation into Laurie, and Farrah gets a job offer - in Canada.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

Home and Away (C5)

Ziggy's life has been thrown into turmoil by Brody and Simone's affair, and getting back on track won't be easy - especially as there's a chance she will bump into the couple every day.

However, throwing herself at Dean isn't the answer to her problems. He turns her down, accidentally humiliating her in the process, but Willow suspects he may secretly have feelings for Ziggy - which makes her green with envy.

Simone and Brody, meanwhile, decide to move in together, but not in the cottage. Simone also begins tutoring Bella, which doesn't go down well in some quarters, although Colby leaps to her defence.

Bella also befriends Raffy and Ryder, while Leah's blog about her relationship doesn't go down well with Justin. Jasmine accompanies Tori to her 12-week ultrasound after she fails to locate Robbo, and Jett tries a wheelchair for the first time.

The Storm Before the Calm

Neighbours (C5)

Is life about to start looking up for Finn? That could be the case, but first, matters in Erinsborough as a whole have to get worse.

At the launch of the Sonya Rebecchi Foundation, Toadie's new charity, the guests begin falling ill. Acting on a tip-off, Mark and his police colleagues find canisters of poison gas in the venue's air vents. The culprit is revealed to be Harry Sinclair - who also planted razor blades in the Kennedys' apricots and drove the car in the hospital hit-and-run incident.

When Bea learns that Ned knew of Harry's plans, she dumps him. She also tells Toadie that it was Finn who made the anonymous donation to his charity, making everyone realise they may have misjudged him.

Terese gets an unwanted blast from the past when she meets Roxy's boyfriend Vance, and Gary plans a surprise wedding as Chloe splits from Kyle.