A BARROW school reopened yesterday morning after being forced to close on Thursday 2nd May due to the building’s ceiling falling through, which caused flooding.

School staff members came to South Walney Juniors on Thursday morning to find the site’s main entrance ceiling, along with the headteacher’s office, damaged due to a water heating failure - caused by too much pressure.

As a result, the school’s senior management team, including headteacher Zena Lines were quick to act and reassure parents the school would reopen its doors the following day.

Headteacher, Ms Lines said: “Electrician, Derek Forrester from Barrow, came to our aid immediately.

“The cause of the damage was due to a water heating failure on Wednesday evening whilst the school was shut.”

A spokesperson from Cumbria County Council said: “South Walney Junior School was able to open the following day.

“Although the school closed on Thursday morning - the situation was dealt with quickly.

“Unfortunately, the headteacher has had to temporarily relocate after her office was flooded.”

The electrician as well as a plumber were called to the site early on Thursday morning to make the main access point safe again for pupils and staff.

To update parents and guardians, the school released statements throughout the day via Parentmail.

Cumbria County Council confirmed the premises closed because of damage caused by an unusual surge in water pressure, and humidifiers are being used.