THE story of Casey Stewart cannot fail to bring a tear to your eye.

The little lad suffered with oxygen deprivation at birth causing severe brain damage and a host of other conditions, including hearing loss, epilepsy and cerebral palsy.

His mum runs a blog giving regular updates on his adventures - showing an insight into the wonderful life his parents are giving him in the most difficult of circumstances.

Now, they have launched a fundraising campaign to further improve his life.

The family want to raise money to fund any type of none NHS therapy and treatments, as well as the day-to-day items needed.

And a trip to Disney is even on the cards.

In times like this the Barrow community never fails to give their upmost support to families.

The same can be said further afield, in Millom.

The Combe Community Lottery is celebrating its first anniversary.

And what a year it has been for those involved.

As well as handing out tens of thousands of pounds to jackpot winners, community groups, schools and charities have reaped the benefits.

This sort of forward-thinking in communities is exactly the type of thing more places need in our county.