IT seems like a regular mantra that our politicians are 'the self-serving' and think of only themselves.

This is rattled out from national press, pundits and letter writers but they trot this out without any thought.

But I always think where is the evidence?

To my mind, our Members of Parliament have been doing their job – scrutinising draft legislation and exercising their judgment on our behalf.

It is not MPs' fault if foolish promises were made before and after the EU referendum, nor that a judicial decision and a general election have made those promises incapable of fulfilment.

In our constitution any referendum can only be advisory. Parliament has the final say. The present impasse could easily be resolved if Article 50 were revoked and only triggered again when the negotiated agreement has Parliamentary approval.

Meanwhile our representatives would surely do us a service by replacing the adversarial politics of “first past the post" with the more inclusive system of a single transferable vote.

Nick Harris, via email