IF there is another referendum, I wonder what the questions will be. If they are the same as in the first referendum, and the ‘Remainers’ win there will be a cry of ‘foul play’. If on the other hand the ‘Brexiters’ won we will be no further forward as we would still be where we are now.

As we know there are three options; Remain, a ‘soft’ Brexit (Theresa May’s version, perhaps with some minor amendments as it is clear the EU aren’t willing to give us much more), or a ‘hard’ Brexit leaving without any deal. But if all three were on the referendum voting paper that would split the ‘Brexiters’ vote ensuring the ‘Remainers’ would win. I can’t see how this result would satisfy the majority of voters. Even worse would be to have only the two forms of Brexit on the voting paper as this would disenfranchise nearly half the population who would be unable to vote for ‘Remain.’

I’m not sure how any referendum will resolve the impasse we have with the country split almost through the middle of what is the way forward. Too many politicians have taken extreme positions who, up to-date, have refused to make any compromises. Perhaps a General Election is the only way forward, but there is no guarantee things would be any clearer and we would continue to have a lengthy period of uncertainty to the detriment of our economy.

Perhaps referendums aren’t very helpful after all.

Dave Wright, via email