ELVIS met dancers from the Edwardian era in France when a Furness school brought a spectacular music and dance show to the stage.

The school hall at St Bernard's Catholic High School in Rating Lane, Barrow, was the venue as pupils did their best to impress friends, parents and staff members.

The Mail, on December 8 in 1987, noted: "Who could imagine a journey from America to France and back taking less time than Concorde ever would?

"Pupils of St Bernard's School can — and did with their two-and-a-quarter hour aptly-named show Razzle Dazzle, staged for the first time last night.

"Take energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment, mix well and the result is a perfect production with no hint of first night nerves.

"Bursting on stage in a dazzling display of yellows, green, lilac and orange, the pupils took us back to the 1950s and American rock 'n' roll in a non-stop song and dance routine.

"Lithe dancing, an extremely cool Elvis lookalike and authentic American accents were all reminiscent of the swinging ponytails and blue suede shoes era.

"It soon had the audience clapping along before it was whisked back to the time of the can can and the elegant ladies and gentlemen of Edwardian France.

"Set in the appropriately named Cafe Bernard, the boys wore striped jerseys and black trousers.

"The general party atmosphere built up on stage as the can can dancers whirled on with swirling skirts, high kicks and athletic antics.

"Then it was back to America's 1920s when gold tinselled Tiller Girls and saucy solo singers sang their hearts out before the grand finale of One Singular Sensation.

"The stage erupted into a kaleidoscope of colour as the exceptionally choreographed cast — matching the sparkle of their costumes — made a final appearance to thunderous applause.

"Full marks to director Liz Dunn and the orchestra whose expertise made the school production one of the most enjoyable shows in a long time."