IT is now 20 years since Millom’s Market Square got a statue of a miner as a reminder of a century of iron ore mining pig iron production in the town.

We are taking a look at the unveiling of the statue and at other Millom events taking place in May 1999.

The Mail on Saturday, May 1, in 1999, noted that the figure of a miner with an ore wagon was unveiled by former Millom iron industry workers Bill Brown and Ossie Byrne.

It was noted: “Hundreds turned out to the official unveiling of artwork to honour Millom’s industrial past.

“The occasion pulled together both young and old to witness the statue and sandstone plinth in Market Square that will keep Millom’s great working history alive.

“Youngsters from Millom Infant School waved flags behind the former workers from Millom Ironworks and the Hodbarrow Mines.

“Local dignitaries were present and members of the public lined St George’s Road and the Market Square.

“Ironworker and oldest man in Millom Ossie Byrne, 98, of Holborn Hill, performed the unveiling with the last man out of Hodbarrow Mines Bill Brown, 77, of Floyd Street, Haverigg.

“The men were presented with small statues to mark the occasion.”

Ann Haynes, of the Millom Artwork Committee, thanked everyone who had been involved in the project.

She said: “You voted for this piece of work – it was chosen by the people of Millom and Haverigg for the Parish of Millom.

“It is your statue and it represents what Millom was founded on.”

Copland mayor Helen Richardson said: “Millom people have carried on against the odds.

“Even though the subject of this artwork is rooted in the past, I see in it your spirit which I am sure will guarantee the future.”