LIFE-SAVING firefighters who helped rescue a woman who fell 120 feet from a Slag Bank have been commended.

Firefighters and police were called out to help find a woman on a cold January night after she fell from the Slag Bank in Barrow.

The woman was found with broken bones and suffering from hypothermia and was recovered and taken to Furness General Hospital.

Roger Exley, Barrow Fire Station manager, said: “The team really went above and beyond in what was a particularly challenging situation.

“I think the teams involvement made a real difference to the situation and saved the woman’s life.”

The firefighters' bravery has been honoured with the Frontline Focus award at a prestigious ceremony held by Cumbria County Council.

Firefighters in Cumbria are employed by the county council.

Mr Exley said: “It was a great event.

“It was great to see so many people employed by the county council recognised for the amazing work they do.”

A number of individuals were also awarded for playing key roles in helping the community.

Community development officer Alison Meadows was awarded the Innovation and Improvement Award for her role in bringing vital services to Egerton Court on Barrow Island.

The Egerton Court Welfare Hub opened in January 2019 and offers residents support for issues relating to alcohol and drug addiction, domestic violence and mental health.

The project is a partnership between a number of services including the The Well Communities, Barrow Police and Women’s Community Matters.

Mrs Meadows, who headed up the project, said: “Winning the award was really good for the project.

“It is recognising how we’ve all come together as one.

“It really is a partnership approach."

Other award winners included community development officer Emma Broadbent, who won the Unsung Hero award, and various long serving individuals were honoured for their efforts including Nancy McKinnel, the headteacher at Walney School.