Your views after a 16-year-old Barrow boy was stabbed...

Jessica Hill This is exactly the reason why I don't go out at night. It doesn't appeal to me and never will especially in this town. It just puts me off. The town is just becoming absolutely awful, the amount of times that this keeps happening. We don't want these sort of things happening in Barrow. Hope the lad is alright!

Kim Benson Every town is the same. It's not just Barrow! I have moved from a town in Lincolnshire that was bloody awful. Stabbings, muggings, break-ins, women being attacked, people being jumped and this was on a daily basis . I myself had a few dealings and the police did absolutely naff all. I know everyone slates police but Lincolnshire police were diabolical compared to Barrow police. Barrow is larger than the town I've just moved from and trust me this is heaven compared to where I've come from . Like I said stuff happens everywhere in every town and country but trust me Barrow isn't as bad as you make it out to be . I feel safe to go on a night out here.

Brad Mulvey Just because the attacks are apparently isolated to people who know each other does not mean people shouldn't be afraid to go out? You don't have to be involved in a crime to be scared of it. I'm sure most people will have felt fear for something without ever having experienced it themselves.

Sam Trewin Julie Kneale what a load of rubbish that is, my daughter was out and got battered in the park last year for no reason what so ever, she rarely goes out now as it’s full of kid gangs drinking and causing problems!

Julie Kneale Sam Trewin sorry about that I agree with you and girl gangs are the worst again anywhere.

Sam Trewin Julie Kneale Not controlling kids from an earlier age makes them think they can go round doing what they want as the police or CPS can’t touch them.

Samantha Robinson Kim Benson I lived in Lincoln loved it when I was there but its really bad now.