THE stage at Barrow’s Forum 28 was filled with colour and movement almost 20 years ago.

In June 1999 Furness Lions sponsored a children’s dancing competition which attracted troupes from the likes of Dance Unlimited, the Imperial School of Dance, Helen’s School of Dance and Steps Incorporated.

There were categories for all ages from infants and juniors to adults and mums.

In 1999 the organisers of the dance contest had a silver jubilee to enjoy.

The Mail on January 26 noted: "The Furness Lions are celebrating 25 years of helping those people less fortunate than themselves.

"During their history they have raised around £250,000, which has brought happiness to so many - and it's all down to the generosity of the public.

"Contrary to popular belief, the Furness Lions is an organisation dedicated to serving the community - and not a rugby team.

"Through various sponsored events, such as golf and boxing tournaments, raffles, concerts and charity stalls, they raise thousands of pounds each year for worthy causes.

"In the past year many organisations benefited from the efforts of the Furness Lions, including a £2,100 donation to Furness General Hospital and £1,700 to St Mary's Hospice.

"They also bought much needed equipment for disabled people, organised outings and concerts for the elderly and sent food parcels.

"The Furness Lions is also actively involved in the fight against drugs with a campaign in both primary and secondary schools to alert children to the dangers.

"The Furness Lions, which is part of the International Association of Lions Clubs, is split into two sections.

"One deals with raising money and organising events, while the second concentrates on how the money should be spent. In the United Kingdon and Ireland there are 1,000 Lions clubs, with over 21,000 members."

The article noted: "It is part of an international organisation that boasts almost one-and-a-half million members in 178 countries."