THERE was a school outing with a difference 25 years ago as former pupils from Ulverston when for a steam yacht ride to chat about their recollections of days in the classroom.

Thirty ex-pupils of Ulverston National School, at the Ellers, got on a coach in September 1994 for a trip to Coniston to travel on Gondola.

It was part of celebrations to mark the 160th anniversary of the building — which in 1994 was the base for arts group Welfare State International.

The oldest to make the trip was Mary Williams,of Lightburn Road, Ulverston — better known as Gertie.

Mary Askew, nee Saunders, remembered former teachers including Miss Bowker, Miss Polkinghorn, Miss Brown and Miss Wilkinson — teachers didn't have first names in that era.

Another former pupil was Madge Barnes, nee Greenhow, who had been born in Coniston and her family moved to Ulverston just after the First World War. It had been her first trip on Gondola since she had been a child.

Dorothy Stables, nee Brookes, recalled that lessons for the girls included scripture, sewing, painting and singing.

The boys had science lessons and the chance to play in sporting teams.