GILBERT and Sullivan enthusiast Sharon Collins introduced the children of Barrow's Newbarns School to the delights of classic English comic opera back in 1997.

She enjoyed the works as a youngster and became a member of the Barrow Savoyards Amateur Operatic Society.

The Mail, on January 31, noted: "Sharon leads a lunchtime drama and music appreciation club at the school once a fortnight and has recruited many new fans to the humour and music of the Savoy operas."

The club had 39 members who were working on a mini version of the popular show The Mikado.

It noted: "Fellow Savoyard and make-up expert Karen Whalley attended the club to show how actors are transformed into the stylised Japanese characters for The Mikado."

The article said: "Karen demonstrated stage make-up techniques on some of the children.

"Sharon was to play one of the lead roles of Katisha when the Savoyards presents The Mikado at the Forum.

"She was delighted with the children's response to the club."