A MAN is awaiting reconstructive surgery after part of his nose was bitten off following a savage gang attack in Barrow.

Carl Speirs is recovering at home in Barrow after he was brutally attacked by three to four men and one woman on Cavendish Street between 1.15am and 2.20am on Thursday.

The traumatic event has left Mr Speirs with life-changing injuries which doctors said would permanently alter the shape of his nose.

Mr Speirs’ family is completely shocked by the assault and his mum, Joanne Bilton, said she had been left ‘numb.’

“Right now I just feel angry and still numb,” she said.

“We are all glad to be home after we spent 24 hours in hospital, first at Furness General Hospital and then at Preston after some vile individuals thought it was OK to bite a chunk out of my son's nose and beat him unconscious.

“I hope they find them and throw away the key. Who even does that to someone?

“I felt sick when I heard the news as he’s such a nice lad and had only just gone out for a drink with his friend.

“These vile individuals even pinned him down when they were doing it as you can see the bruising on his arms.”

Mr Speirs received numerous bruises to both his face, arms and body.

The 20-year-old, who is a joiner for Barrow-based Leck Construction, has also been forced to take time off work as a result of the injuries to his arm.

He will have reconstructive surgery on his nose once the swelling from the attack has gone down.

Miss Bilton said the facial wounds and damage has left Mr Speirs embarrassed and the lasting effects of the traumatic experience are yet to fully be seen.

Miss Bilton is urging anyone who might have witnessed anything from the incident to contact police.

Mr Speirs believes that those involved had a Scouse accent but is having difficulty remembering what exactly happened.

Three to four men are believed to be involved and one woman was also witnessed stamping on Mr Speirs’ head.

Detectives described the attack as a 'sustained assault' and are appealing for any witnesses to call the Barrow Crime and Safeguarding Team on 101 quoting log 20 of April 18.

Anyone with information can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.